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Dagda's harp | Short Film

A RTS Ireland winning stop motion short film made with Cardel Entertainment for RTÉ.​


Dagda’s Harp is a stop motion short about the legend of Dagda’s enchanting harp. Conor tells the story of Dagda to his sister Ciara, and friend Noah, as they sit around a bonfire on their estate. Awakened by this, Dagda appears to the group of children and plays his harp, but the result of his spellbinding music isn’t quite as scary as they thought.

Writer, Director and Animator - Daniel Quirke

Production Company - Cardel

Producer - Molly Denton

Exec Producers - Carla Mooney, Delwyn Mooney, Joseph Wallace

RTÉ Commissioner - Eimear O'Mahony

Cinematographer - Graham Boonzaaier

Composer - Harry Brokensha

Sound Designer - Ed Rousseau

Compositor - Tom Smith

Online Editor/Colour Grader - Francis Qureshi

Stop Motion Animator - Rich Farris 

2D Animator - Anna Pereira Finn

Puppetmakers - Lisa Ott, Gemma Byrne, Agatha Roudaut, Claire Smithson 

Modelmakers - Eleanor Barber, Gabriel Drewett, Jennifer Kidd, Alice Simonato


Festivals and Awards

Animation Dingle Festival - 2022 Official Selection

Royal Television Society Ireland - 2022 Winner Best Animation

StopTrik International Film Festival - 2022 Winner Maribor Young Audience Grand Prix

StopTrik2022_laurels_mb_young audience_stop motion2.png
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