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The Library (2015)

The Cleaner (2016)

The Father (2018)


a one minute film about a retold personal experience that happened during a trip to the library one day.
Rotoscoped drawn animation.
a two minute film inspired by real events about a cleaner who's everyday routine is completely changed when something unexpected happens during the day.
Rotoscoped drawn animation.
A 3 minute psychological drama about the trauma a father suffers after the euthanasia of his son and how this event haunts him through everyday surroundings. 
stop motion and mixed media animation.

The song of a lost boy (2020)

Ben a young choir boy, who after his voice breaks mid solo, has a crisis of faith, decides to run away from his community. He happens upon a group of nomads who take him in, though Ben hides secret about who he really is, and must decide what to do with it.
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